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is the wholesale component of Dave’s Comics (Richmond, VA 1982-2016). After being one of Virginia’s longest operating stores (34 years), with the marketing help of the VA Comicon, Dave’s Comics formally closed it’s retail doors during the Summer of 2016. Following the closure, Sheryl, Marlon and the crew have been working hard to bring the crowds at the VA Comicon some of the buried treasures tucked away in their legendary warehouse. Don’t miss it!

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  1. What is still available in Daves Superman collection? I would love to own the oldest Superman book he has. Geez I still can’t believe he’s gone. GOD Bless his soul. He had a fun spirit!

  2. Dave and crew, you made growing up in Richmond, VA way more awesome. I’m a teacher now. I got into science and math probably in no small part because I was intrigued about learning how the airzooka and Aerobie pro, flying ring, and other science toys you sold and demonstrated worked. Also there was the joy and fascination of just walking in the store and being treated to a demo of a jumping, popping half-sphere or the Star Wars theme song performed on nose flute that simply made my day/week/month/childhood better. Thank you for being awesome!!!

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